BANGFACE Weekender 2013 - cancelled due to licencing conditions.

It is with great sadness and frustration that Bang Face Weekender 2013 cannot go ahead as planned.

The venue had a review of its licence earlier this year and have been working extremely hard with the council to ensure events can go ahead successfully. This resulted in all objections from the authorities being withdrawn. On this basis we have been working on the understanding that we could achieve even better sound in the main arena with extensive temporary works to the venue.

However, following the venues flagship event 'Run To The Sun' on May 24-26th, significantly lower sound levels were set by the council as a result of complaints from local residents. These new levels are unworkable, greatly affecting both volume and critical bass frequencies. We simply cannot deliver an event under these restrictions.

All ticket holders will be refunded beginning immediately but please be patient whilst we process them all.
Massive thanks for all the continued support over what is now 10 years of Bang Face and here's to many more parties in the future.